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General Information
A RAR file
RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver. Like other archives, RAR files are data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. After you downloaded RAR file from Internet, you need to unpack its contents in order to use it.
How to handle RAR files
WinRAR provides the complete support for RAR files, so you may both create and unpack them. …

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1 Autodesk Maya Learning Tools - MEL and API on Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:43 am


Autodesk Maya Learning Tools - MEL and API | 520 Mb
Skill Level: Beginner | Module(s): MEL | Format: DVD [Multi-region] | 60 minutes

Maya | MEL and the API is your key to discovering the extensibility and
flexibility of Maya. Maya Embedded Language (MEL) is Maya's native
scripting language allowing you to automate workflows, build custom
tools and create custom user interfaces. In this DVD, you will discover
MEL from a practical standpoint giving you the understanding you'll
need to get you working with MEL quickly. Explore the interfaces and
tools used to run MEL commands and scripts. An overview of essential
MEL commands and syntax will be particularly helpful for debugging
basic scripts. In addition, you'll discover the steps to load and run
scripts from external sources (i.e. websites). This DVD will further
enable you to troubleshoot and debug tools and plug-ins by providing
you with an introduction to debugging in the Maya API (Application
Programmer Interface).

Presented by Alias Support Specialist
Richard Chu and programmer Darrin Katz, this DVD will allow you to
develop the skills you need get coding in Maya.

Support files and scripts

Author Biography

Richard Chu is an Alias Product Specialist based in Toronto, Canada.
Richard earned his Bachelors of Computer Science and Zoology from the
University of Toronto. After working as a QA team lead for IBM, Richard
decided to explore his creative side and studied Digital Media atthe
International Academy of Design and Technology. As a MEL and API
Product Support Specialist for Alias, Richard seeks to bridge the gap
between technology and creativity.

You Will Learn
# The Script Editor and MEL commands
# The LIst Command
# Get Attr Command
# Variables
# If Statements
# Loops
# Debugging Your Maya Plug-in Part 1
# Debugging Your Maya Plug-in Part 2
# Callbacks
# Tips
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