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Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:58 pm by djvito

General Information
A RAR file
RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver. Like other archives, RAR files are data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. After you downloaded RAR file from Internet, you need to unpack its contents in order to use it.
How to handle RAR files
WinRAR provides the complete support for RAR files, so you may both create and unpack them. …

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1 Windows game Cheats on Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:45 pm




Secret - Reveal Mines

Instructions - Minimize or close all running applications. Launch
Minesweeper, then type xyzzy. Next hold down either shift key for one
second. Now when you move the mouse cursor over a Minesweeper square
you will see a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop
screen. This pixel will change to black when your mouse moves over a
mine. You may need to change you desktop background to a solid color
other then white or black to see the pixel.


Secret - Extra Balls
Instructions - Type 1max at the start of a new ball to get extra balls.

Secret - Gravity Well
Instructions - Type gmax at the start of a new game to activate the Gravity Well.

Secret - Instant Promotion
Instructions - Type rmax at the start of a new game to go up in ranks.

Secret - Skill Shot
Instructions - Launch the ball partially up the chute past the third
yellow light bar so it falls back down to get 75,000 points. There are
six yellow light bars that are worth a varying amount of points:

First: 15,000 points
Second: 30,000 points
Third: 75,000 points
Fourth: 30,000 points
Fifth: 15,000 points
Sixth: 7,500 points

Secret - Test Mode
Instructions - Type hidden test at the start of a new ball to activate
Test Mode. No notification will be given that this is activated but you
can now left-click the mouse button and drag the ball around.

Secret - Unlimited Balls
Instructions - Type bmax at the start of a new ball. No notification
will be given that this is activated but when a ball is lost a new ball
will appear from the yellow wormhole indefinitely. Once this is
activated you will be unable to activate other secrets without


Secret - Instant Win
Instructions - Hold down Ctrl + Shift + F10 during game play. Then you
will be asked if you want to Abort, Retry or Ignore. Choose Abort, then
move any card to instantly win.

Secret - Hidden Game Modes
Instructions - In the "Game" menu choose "Select Game". Enter -1 or -2 to activate the hidden game modes.


Secret - Instant Win

Instructions - Press Alt + Shift + 2 during game play to instantly win.

Secret - Draw single cards in a Draw Three game

Instructions - Hold down CTRL + ALT + SHIFT while drawing a new card. Instead of drawing three cards you will only draw one.

Infinite Points

In the Windows XP version of solitaire, draw from the deck at least
twice. Hold control and drag a card down from the deck. Click the "A"
key and then let go of the left mouse key. You will get 10 points for
this. Continue doing this for infinite points!

Infinite points trick II

To do this trick, finish a game of solitaire with the time bonus option
on. The cards will start bouncing. Click on the solitaire screen and
the play again box will pop up. Select no, so the solitaire screen is
just blank green. Use the instant win cheat (Alt+Shift+2) and you will
recieve the time bonus you got last game will be added to your last
game's score. For example, if your time bonus was 5000, and your final
score was 6000, after using this glitch, you will have a score of
11000. This glitch can be used as many times as you want.

// registry hack which will allow you to see your opponents' cards
Launch REGEDIT.EXE and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft
Windows CurrentVersion Applets Hearts. NOTE: You may have to create the
Hearts key under Applets In the right-hand pane, create a new String
Value. Immediately rename it to "ZB" (without the quotes); give it a
value of "42" (again, sans quotes). The next time you're in a game of
Hearts, press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F12.

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